Monday, March 28, 2011

Sweaty Palm Treatment: tap water iontophoresis

Sweaty palm affects people in their sporting life, social interaction and even in their work. Imagine not daring to hold the hands of the cute guy dating you because you hands are wet with sweat.

One of the only few proven treatment for sweaty palms is Tap Water Iontophoresis. Essentially, the person places his palms and feet into 4 trays of tap water, each with a conducting plate conducting small amount of electric current. The current runs through the body from the hands to the feet or vice versa.

This causes the nervous system of the skin of the palms and soles to lose their sensitivity to body triggers and therefore sweating in these areas are decreased.

The treatment is usually over 15 to 30 mins each time and repeated 1-2 weekly depending on the severity of the sweaty glands problem.

Please only do this a approved medical center as this involves electrical current and the use of sub-standard equipment or the lack of monitoring may result in electrocution.