Thursday, April 7, 2011

Medical Treatment of sweaty glands and sweaty palms

Medical Treatment for hyperhidrosis

1) Antipersirant
There are many different formulation but aluminium chloride is the most commonly used. This is particularly effective for the sweaty armpit but less so for the sweaty palms the anti-perspirant gets washed off easily.
Continue use for 3 to 5 days increases the effectiveness. The downside to it is that some people are allergic to this or are sensitive to the formulation.

2) Botox Injection for sweaty palms

Recently FDA has approved the use of botox to treat sweaty palms. The effect can last 3 to 9 months and has been shown to be effective. The drawn back is that it is expensive and a jab in the wrong place can injury arteries or nerves, causing numbness of the hands. The upside is that it is a fast and easy office procedure.

Medication for sweaty palms, feet and armpit.
Anticholinergic drugs like oxybutynin has been shown to help in sweaty glands. But the side effects are many and includes drowsiness, visual symptoms and dryness in the mouth and other mucus membranes

No other medication has been shown to be effective in hyperhidrosis.

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