Friday, June 24, 2011

Medical Problems of sweaty feet

While Sweaty feet is a social embarrassment, the more important problem of sweaty feet is the medical portion of it. Sweaty feet can cause a few skin problem which should be treated. They are listed below.

Fungal Infection
This is commonly known as athlete's foot. The most environment provided by the sweat gives rise to a nice medium for fungus to grow. Tinea (fungus) then grows typically at the webspaces. This gives rise to a characteristic odour. Treatment is with anti-fungal agents. Good feet hygiene cannot be over emphasised.

Cornybacteria Infection
This bacteria infection thrives in moist environment and typically grows on the soles of the feet. They also cause a smelly odour and is often confused with fungal infection. Treatment is with antibiotic creams and good feet hygiene.

Abrasions and Blisters
The sweat causes increase friction withing the shoes and this often leads to abrasion and wear and tear. Wearing socks tends to help but the socks can worsen the sweatiness of the feet.

These are just 3 common medical problems of sweat feet. If you think you might have them, visit a doctor for some advice.

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